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02-06-2011, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by boglejam View Post
Good news for you then. Since you aren't willing to wait, you only have to choose between two options.

Accept it as it is, or quit playing.

Problem solved.

Oh, but if they do "eventually" implement it, I expect you to be true to your code and refuse to use the shuttlebay feature as a matter of principle.
Originally Posted by Savnoka
What an utterly illogical statement.

I can pretty much sum this up in short:

I agree fully with your dissatisfaction with the shuttle issues. However, unlike many other problems and complaints people have, Cryptic clearly already has plans to make shuttles useful in the near future.

Given they built a whole mission around the shuttle, I hardly think it likely they are going to leave them as the near - useless novelty items that they are currently.

Given the community's predilection for digging up ANY scrap of evidence that a Cryptic Dev said something would be done and it wasn't, I doubt a Cryptic Dev would make a bold statement like that unless it was already in the works.

Caveat: Eventually does indeed mean never , but only for KDF side content.

Firstly, my statement is borne out of years of observations of various MMOG developers. It is both reasonable and logical, but only if you have watched over the course of years promises of "eventual" content quietly be dropped, never to be heard from again. I only get excited about upcoming content once it reaches some form of beta, either open or closed.

Secondly, do not assume that I am part of the "I'm dissatisfied" chorus. I am not. I would prefer if shuttle craft had a specific use outside of being a gimmick in one or two tailored missions, but I am by no means unhappy in their implementation, just their utilization. I have seen many such gimmicks introduced in other games, only to be quietly ignored shortly there-after by content developers.

Sure, the ability to go to your shuttle bay and pick out your launch would be nice. I would fully utilize this feature. However, it is not necessary, and would divert significant resources away from developing critical areas in STO.