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02-06-2011, 09:45 AM
GET WITH THE PROGRAM and help us who can't get through the damn mission.
WE .,...who can do this mission.... Should "get with the program" and help you? What a load of crap and "entitlement" thinking !! Why is it you feel I *owe* you in any respect that to help you figure this out ?

First and foremost - it is *you* who needs to get with the program -- Some of us have figured it out. You obviously haven't, and are not expecting it to be handed to you with little/no work. So, please tell me why you are "entitled" to mission completion or help?

Your first step in "getting with the program" is to ADMIT YOU HAVE AN ISSUE.

THEN - maybe some folks will be able/willing to assist you in learning what works.

Until then - I have little sympathy for you and your "entitlement"