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02-06-2011, 10:52 AM
Hey there, here is the normal recruiting spam:

Attn New Recruit!

Your wanted to join the ranks, and share in all the glory that is Armada Defense Force. Visit us at the site listed in my signature, and fill out an app or contact one of us in game. We can help you out. Couple notes though, we are an all adult fleet, 18+, and we like to be laid back and easy going. There are times when we RP, but not too much recently. We attempt to run daily STFs, and always assist others in the fleet when needed. We are almost like a family... But more dysfunctional.

Thanks for your time!

But in all honesty were an easy fleet. We do a quick interview on TS, to make sure you would be a good fit, then we get down to business...

Your welcome to check us out, or visit our TS and give us a spin to see if were the dysfunctional family your looking for.