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02-06-2011, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
As dstahl said Space cut scenes are somewhat tricky... The tool to make them was designed for ground maps, the editor was primarily made for champs and NWO which has no space gameplay.

The cut scene editor needs to work entirely different for space, but I'm currently bugging our tech team about it and hopefully they will give me what I want

That said however, we are still making them. Frozen (the third Romulan Weekly episode, which is the weekly episode I've been making) has two space cut scenes, and two ground cut scenes.

We try to make them skipable when possible, so some you can skip and some you might not be able to. It just depends on the logic thats going on while the cut scene is being played. In many cases there are things on the map that are changing while the cut scene is playing or in the case of space cut scenes your seeing a real time event happening, that the start of the cut scene has triggered which I can't let you skip, otherwise it makes the mission unplayable.

So STO's entire foundation was developed using tools from non-space games?
Damn. STO's creation has WAY too many time saving variables in it.