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Yesterday we released our next Feature Episode Series, "Cloaked Intentions", and as many experienced, there was a very large number of players online that brought Holodeck into emergency maintenance.

To address the issue and ensure performance for those online, we made some network changes to Holodeck and temporarily put in place the login queues to ensure the Holodeck stays up and does not hit a critical tipping point. As of 8pm last night, we were able to remove the queue and all players should have been able to login at that point.

Overnight the engineers have tracked down several things that will help performance moving into next week's episode, and we continue to look into reports that some players are unable to login and are getting booted to the login screen.


We are anticipating another large number of players login in and we have the crew working on several solutions to ensure we have as many players in game as possible today.

The network engineers are in the process of adding more hardward to Holodeck to increase our maximum users online cap.

(Edit - this is now complete - see below) Until this hardware is patched up and added to the shard, we are putting the login queue in place to ensure the shard stays stable while we add more machines.

We expect people may hit these login queues within the next hour, but we may get the machines online before then.

In any event, know that our staff has been working to address the issues from yesterday and ensure STO has another awesome weekend.

For those who are saying they are having login problems, we suggest checking the technical helper forums to see if there is some information that might help your client issues.

I'll update as we go so that you are aware of any issues today.

Have fun and thank you for your continued patience.

UPDATE 10:45
We are bringing the additional hardware online now.

We noticed a few people in the queues for a few minutes, but have cleared the queues to ensure everyone should be able to log into the game now.

If you are login in and it says you are in a queue, please close your game client, restart your launcher and try to login to the game again.

Players should see NO QUEUE at this time.