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02-06-2011, 02:08 PM
Despite the fact that Holodeck appears to be in much better shape today and we have zero people in queues - we are investigating reports from players in the forums that they are having trouble logging in.

From our side of the connection we do not see any issues - and the connections are being made and players are getting into the game properly, however to see people post they are getting disconnected makes us wonder what might be going on at the client level.

If you are still having trouble logging into the game, please restart your launcher and in the options run a force verify. We suspect this may address some of the issues some players may be having.

If you have run a force verify and are still getting disconnection problems, please copy and paste any recent information (the lines at the bottom with today's date starting with 110206) you see in:
<Your STO installation folder>/logs/Clientservercomm.Log

We can look at this information to see if there might be something else we can do.

We also think posting the tech help forum or contacting customer support may help on an individual basis