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# 1 Action Bar Nonsense
02-06-2011, 05:01 PM
Ok i would think this would be fixed before the new missions came out. Action Bar/tray is starting to get very annoying having to set it up every time i move from my ship to my shuttle and having to do it all over again when i get back the my ship again.

There should be a much easier way other then taking a picture with my camera phone and having to use it to get all my skills back in order. I really wasn't to annoyed by this problem before because i rarely switched ships as VA, but now with the new mission ill go do it with some of my fleet then we finish it, and go back to STFs or PVP (after setting my bar back up again) . Come to find out a few other feel guys want to do the new mission on another toon and would like to have someone else along for the mission for the optional stuff or to just help so i would have to get back in the shuttle (setting up the bar again). After the mission is complete, switching back to my ship (more setting up my bar AGAIN) . If there is a fix for this please let me know i and my fleet/friends would me most grateful. but if now dose anyone know what they are doing to fix this.