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02-06-2011, 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by fallout23 View Post
Is there a way to include a key in the bind so that I can include a second set of binds on one key?

Ex. I bind the space for distribute shields, fire weapons, and various other abilities that I want up as much as possible. Problem is, I run out of room to assign everything to one key. If I create a bind command for "3", is there a way to include inputing "3" in my "space" key bind so that it activates the "3" bind also?

Thanx for the great thread and everyones input into it. I don't know how many times I've linked this thread to friends.

Sounds like you are only using the chat window for binding. I recommend you use a bindfile. With bindfiles the length of the key bind is not limited. Do this:

/bind_save_file keybinds.txt

You can find the file in your STO Live folder (C:\~\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live). Open it with a simple text editor (notepad) and go at it. You'll find your firebutton is "space" for space bar.