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02-06-2011, 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by RStoney View Post
WE .,...who can do this mission.... Should "get with the program" and help you? What a load of crap and "entitlement" thinking !! Why is it you feel I *owe* you in any respect that to help you figure this out ?

First and foremost - it is *you* who needs to get with the program -- Some of us have figured it out. You obviously haven't, and are not expecting it to be handed to you with little/no work. So, please tell me why you are "entitled" to mission completion or help?

Your first step in "getting with the program" is to ADMIT YOU HAVE AN ISSUE.

THEN - maybe some folks will be able/willing to assist you in learning what works.

Until then - I have little sympathy for you and your "entitlement"
You a fully borged out Science Captain I say this. If you beg and yell and act nasty on the forums and think I'll be convinced to help? The most you'll get from me is seeing me join your KA a Delta Now...if you ask nicely...I might bring my Intrepid Refit...or even my Nebula Refit....KTHXBAI.