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02-06-2011, 06:50 PM
i think all ships fit the startrek universe.
May there should be a possibility to craft the lower vessels so that they can have more weapon slots and higher bridge officers. Maybe there is and I don't know. Who knows...

i forgot the recon vessels like luna. will make it hard to deside between them and sovereign. But I think I will try these next. Now I have a discovery-cochrane-mix that looks nice.

If you like to be a great captain of your ship, you may have to skill one class. I jump between the classes, so I may skill only the class I will have as admiral. Or maybe skill only other parts? Or have two or more chars of course.

Luna looks very nice :-) Of course same rank like Sovereign type. :-(

But my problem are the higher ranks. Constitution and Akira are weak, not much weapon slots, no commanders on the bridge and so no chance against some higher vessels.

I will not give up the games because of this. I can live with the star cruisers or recon later. I like to have a chance against higher ranks, so I think I will have to choose on of these higher ships.

I wish an akira, luna, sovereign style ship for the highest rank.

maybe the recon vessels are as good as the deep space science vessels, than i can choose.
And if the assault cruiser is not better than the starcruiser or the retrofit and dreadnought than everything is fine. I found my nearly akira style at the science vessels. thats ok for me, i am a doctor.