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02-06-2011, 07:18 PM
  • Purchasable personal bank tabs. An account-wide bank tab would be awesome, too.
  • An appearance slot for kits (and maybe armor, too). Some of the kits, especially the higher-level kits, look too gaudy, flashy or downright silly (the tac kits, in red and white, look anything but tactical and some of the engineer kits make them look like Ghostbusters). It would be nice to have the appearance of a lower level kit without sacrificing combat ability. Appearance kits would be a good area for crafters...
    1. Or how about a color-scheme option for the kits similar to some of the uniform tops?
  • A gangsta Ferengi costume pack. Both personal and ship. Because some of us have the lobes to represent, dog. Do not be hating, player, or I will beam a cap into your aft compartment, yo.