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02-07-2011, 04:14 AM
There have been many posts on this.

Basically, I think it's okay to keep the Dual Cannon ability. If no one uses it due to the turn rate, that's not a real problem.
I think it's Cryptic's "policy" when upgrading a ship to tier 5 to keep the original ship's turn rate, so I don't think that will change.

I think what they should consider is at least one of the following:
a) Add a 4th weapon slot to the aft. That makes it 4/4 weaopn layout like all Tier 5 Cruisers, and the Phaser Lance is a special ability like Saucer Seperation.
b) Reduce the Phaser Lance's cooldown to something more sensible 1 minute or so.
c) Make the Phaser Lance just like a pre-build weapon and give it the DPS and fire arc of a Dual Heavy Cannon. Maybe make the firing cycle a little slower to give the individual shot more "oomph".

Maybe a combination of the above is even required.

BTW: I don't love the Galaxy-X at all. It's a terribly ugly ship and I wouldn't mind it gone forever. But if it is in the game, it needs to be a valid choice equal to the other options at the tier it is designed for, nothing more, nothing less.