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02-07-2011, 05:30 AM
It is no surprise that your weapons didn't get changed, I think. They probably created an entirely new weapon for the scaling 360 phaser and the scaling torpedo launcher.

You might be best off dismissing your old runabout and acquiring a new one to get all the updates.

The new shuttle equipment and new shuttles are used in the newest Featured Episode "The Vault". (Contact Admiral T'Nae to get to that mission.)

More then just the weapon scales - apparantly hit points and shields do now, too. I am not sure if t hat is also upgraded with your old Runabout. (Check your power list when in the shuttle - do you have a Tractor Beam? If not, it's a good sign the ship wasn't upgraded.)

The Delta Flyer (C-Store now and soon Craftable) and a new Klingon shuttle are the newest addition, and once the first players become 400-day Veterans, they will also get access to the Captain's yacht, which is also treated as a shuttle.