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02-07-2011, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by Vox_Echelon
Where was Vox? I was around far more often than the others were, something that you knew so what's with the accusations against me?
This is true. Im sorry that statement. You are one of the true people who where a friend and understood me. Vox, I will say this. You kinda let things get worse within that division that your in. You've been a mouse,instead of being a Cat. You went afk from the game and the 12th forums. You, stood there while it happened. Like a car accident. You did nothing to help me or anyone when the two cars crashed. You were just a victum of some guild political ran forum group of fleet leaders. You did not stand up for the right or wrong. Sorry to say this Vox.

But, good luck and no hard feelings. I must continue to play the game. Not the forums of some guild or fleet.