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02-07-2011, 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
If you have enough space to work with, then you could use 5 groups of friendly npcs plus 2 single targs to make 37. I've never tried it with that many npcs, but it would theoretically work, if there is enough space on the map to position the pushpins at 300 from the spawn point.

Please let me know if it works. I've heard that this trick is somewhat unreliable and function differently on different maps.
Been trying on the ground map I am using, it partly works. I say partly simply because, while it will spawn the needed NPC's there is a chance the player will move near the push pin before the mission gets to the point where the NPCs should beam down, that would just ruin the plot line. Not a risk i want to take, but if it was at the start of a mission, that had a path a player had to walk down, this would work well.

Odd thing, is you can make a friendly NPC spawn using the Kill encounter, but you cant kill them, and it wont ever get passed that part. :p