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02-07-2011, 07:28 PM
I tried the first mission the day it came out. It was revolutionary, to say the least. to me, it was like a cross between a space mission and a ground mission XD. I had a blast playing it!

One thing I was a bit dissapointed in was that shuttlecraft are treated just like a regular ship. I was hoping they would be oriented more like a ship-hangar based play style; that is, Instead of choosing between my dreadnought OR a shuttle, I could fly my main ship up to the mission point, then fly my runabout into the mission from there, rather than flying my shuttle all the way from ESD to this mission place. Especially thinking to the delta-flyer and the type 8 shuttle, they were designed to launch from ship hangars, not directly from space docks.
I also hope that there will be a stat list for the different shuttles so I can see specifically the pros/cons of a delta flyer vs a runabout (plz don't tell me delta flyers are superior hands down, after all, they were a tuff lil ship in DS9 series)

The last thing I was hoping to hit on was the scorpion fighter reward. It looks cool and all, and I was really excited to win it, but my heart sank when I saw that it only had 20 charges. Granted, that is a lot, it is still limited. I do realize that I can just replay the mission to keep earning them, but Im thinking its gonna get old after awhile... Lets hope the featured limited reward will possibly include unlimited scorpion fighters