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I found the entrance and exit rather fast. There are two ships you will face. everything else are bee's and fighters. I only destroyed the smaller romulan bird of prey and not the warbird. use emergency menuvers. to get past that warbird(its not the big warbird but the smaller down version". It will follow you but since its a ship it cannot move as fast inside the corridors. My suggestion of taking out the bird of prey is to use polaron beams to bring down its power lvls and quatums torps with a high mark chamber in tactical to do crytical damage. for some reason i found the rear sheilds to drop fast.

The exit out the station looks just like the doors when you went deeper into the station. The catch is the exit doors are not green in the middle. there are tractor beams so i suggest when escaping you use a science officer with polorize the hull. going into the station a tac with fire at will did the trick for me.

when you are outside switch back to fire at will as you have to deal with the fighters while the support ship "galaxy" is kicking the big Warbirds ARSE" the scene is by far impressive i must say. the effects are realistic.
My fleet took the "warbird" down.. 5 shuttles shooting like crazy, 2 dying.. Then someone slamming a Tricobalt into the hull