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02-08-2011, 07:42 AM
They are working on completely redoing ground combat, and I think/hope they are also working on gernerally improving the environments. The games you listed are mostly FPS games though, they play differently to mmo games.

Ground combat can be involving in STF, where you are required to use abilities for cc/defence/healing or you get spammed with hold etc (not that I like that method/the borg, it's boring to get held then use a hypo just to get held again for 20~s). However the problem with the rest of the game is that the AI is crap and enemies are all very trivial. Even the bosses don't require that much effort (other than that reman one).

Ground combat can be fairly fast depending on target mobs though, currrently Eng + Medic type enemies can take a stupidly long time though and Borg can as well, although they should. I personally don't want combat to become too fast though, because you begin to remove strategy (well, it will if they improve AI) with faster fights and the end result will just be more mobs and more grind.

Loot tables could do with being redone, the 'anything can drop anything' thing is meh, it makes it harder to farm certain items as well (I can't just go kill escorts for tactic consoles, or swordsman for dual pistols/batleth) and is a bit wtf when borg drop cat food.

I don't like the idea of strafing runs by runabouts (orbital/space station/in a cave shot is bad enough) and tanks are a bit iffy because we've never seen them and they don't really fit in with trek, the closest we've seen was that lolbuggy from nemesis. It would be fun to have vehicle combat though.