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02-08-2011, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by BluerockBeing04 View Post
I think one of the issues is it was made to be a level 41 ship. When we had no refits and no borg and aegis set, you could set it up to be a competitive ship. But now with everything we've currently got, it's fallen behind. They do need to upgrade it to be able to compete with top level ships, it's the most expensive ship in the game (real money wise) and should pack a punch that makes it fun to play.
I am not an expert on the Gal-X by any means, but I personally dislike the idea of powerful ships bought with real money. I believe that it is wrong to make the best stuff paid for only.

Dont get me wrong I have no problem with making it competitive and balancing it out, but I personally believe the atari token store should remain fluff stuff and the big badness should come from obtainable in game avenues.

I personally beleive that if the Gal-X and the klink carrier are going to be so awsome in the stuff they do (as they were heralded to be before their release/nerfs ) they should be obtainable in game without using real money and only have the option to buy it if one does not like the idea of working to obtain it. Then and only then do I promote making them as powerful as many deem they should be.