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02-08-2011, 10:58 PM
This really was a fantastic mission. Visually very impressive. The VO's were good and a very welcome change. My favorite parts: the display scramble while in the nebula. That really was icing on the cake. And my BO saying 'this area is quiet. Too quiet.' Classic! And I ran from the Mogai, too.

Some very minor suggestions for improving an already great mission;
  • - The Borg sphere was a little too neon green. When I first saw the sphere I didn't think it was a Borg sphere. It looked kinda Borg-ish, but it was too bright. I thought it was some kind of lighting system.
  • - In the Borg sphere room I flew around the edge of the room so I wouldn't be as obvious a target. Doing this apparently didn't trigger the energy sparks or the Borg sphere interactivity prompts, so I couldn't scan them. I was flying around for a good 20 minutes before I went back the way I had come, all the way back to the abandoned Scorpion fighter, because I thought I had missed something. When I returned to the Borg sphere room I wasn't in "mission" mode so I was flying around looking for some way to proceed. Apparently that set up the interactive triggers because then I could scan the energy and the sphere. That dampened immersion some.

Other than those two small things I thought the mission was great. Very well done. 9 / 10

I eagerly await the next installment.

PS: Launching shuttles from our ships would seriously rock. Consider me /signed.