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02-09-2011, 04:15 AM
short term: complete blocking of a player. just had a thoroughly unpleasant conversation with someone who i would love do something unpleasant to... but unlike that person, i don't go around reporting people because of one incident that was created by themselves and besides they have as much right to play the game as i do. sufficed to say the current ignore feature is useless, since i tried with one player the other day and it didn't work, i could still pick up their messages even so.

mid term: remove players buying the game every month and trying to save a few month instead of taking the monthly sub costs as it should, besides getting the galaxy x after so many buys for yourself.

long term: add ability to have bridge view during any sequence and controls from that point instead of just visiting the bridge, or add other areas like a science lab to process your own data samples instead of heading to memory alpha which can take a long time to get back to your position, or add random exploration missions on board your ship to discover a cause of an accident, or finding anomalies through jefferies tubes, eliminating enemy squads boarding your ship or traitors want to control your ship etc..