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02-09-2011, 04:33 AM
Ignoring the retardet flamers who respond with "go play something else" to any critic to their "holy game" for a minute: I basicly agree with the OP. It sucks to have go to a starbase to use a shutle. And it doesnt seem right that a shutles takes the same ship slot a Souverign takes, no matter if we get one free or not.

For the "undocking" to be a mechanic that isnt in the game... thats simply wrong. Shutle using could be, for example, a variation of the saucer sepperation skill of the galaxy. That way we could undock the shutle and fly it next to our current ship.
But I dont thing THAT would be necessary. Honestly, the shutles have wrong sizes compared to the large ships anyway, flying arround with both just would remind me of that.
Also, what should be the use; shutles are there to go to locations INDEPENDET from the large ship; missions the Vault, missions like "go to system XY, to make stuff while the major ship is with the first officer in charge on another mission", missions like "make diplomatic suff here, but the people feel threatened by a large ship so... use your shutle"; that are the kinds off missions I can imagine for shutles.

But a mechanic to switch to a shutle in another way then going to a Starbase is IMO necessary and imo VERY easy to implement.
I mean having a Shutlebay in the Interior would be nice (and I dont thing its so hard to design one) but not realy necessary. They would just have to add a console or NPC in the interior that opens the same ship-switching window we have on star bases. The only thing above "Copy and paste" to do that is that it would have to be limited to Shutles.
So.... going on Shutle missions would just we "Visit the bridge", go to NPC/Console, click "set as current" at the shutlecraft, leave ship and we would be on shutle.
A little harder to implement would be the switching back, they would have to make sure that if we could use "Visit the Bridge" on a shutle we end up in the interior of our previously chosen mothership ship (intsead of not having that option on shutles) and beeing able to "set as current" that bigger ship.

Honestly, I dont know why THAT should be hard to add. At least temprary until a real cool shutle-undock mechanic comes arround.