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02-09-2011, 05:51 AM
Originally Posted by StrykerV
I do believe that most of the players in STO do not have 3-4 hrs to complete one mission. The fraction of players who can devote long periods of times to games is very small. The reason they added the XP bonus was because the vast majority of players are not above captain yet with their first toon. What your asking for would be something for more hardcore gamers who dedicate time to the game. Would buying these adventures (for the small percentage) produce revenue for the time spent creating them. Not sure the time length it took Gozer to remaster Azura episode. If it takes a week ( guesstimate) to produce 1- 1 hr long adventure. Then something that takes 3 to 4 hours would take an entire month to make. The dev team is not huge and everyone has set schedules. I don't see this being a wise investment of Dev time.
just to point out the adventure packs in co take several hours but they are broken up into smaller missions so you dont have to do them in one sitting. you can log out in between each break and have your progress saved. remember every change from ground to space in sto is saved, so even in individual missions when you do one part, then its done and you dont have to go back unless you drop the mission.

i think what the op is saying take one of the featured series as an example. 5 eps that will probably like you 3-4 hours to complete, but its broken up into parts so you dont have to do it all at once. he just wants it released in one go.

the devs have said they wont put actually missions onto the c-store but personally id pay for them. if it gets me more content quicker then im all for it, but i totally understand why others would hate the idea, and its probably not a good idea to do that as most people dont think along the same lines i do.

when the foundry goes live i also want to see mission slots up for sale so i can buy more missions slots as i intend to make loads (assuming you cant earn them in game for free, which is more ideal) but i like the option to have them easily accessible via the c-store too.