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02-09-2011, 07:58 AM
This setting could actually be idea for an Open PvP in certain areas. As Klingons go deeper into Federation territory, they have a chance to run into Federation players performing patrols. Klingons that successfully pull off the raid get a higher return then a normal raid while Federation players could get better weapon drops or perhaps rare particle traces for their efforts.

I don't like the idea of forcing Open PvP on anyone, so I would say the normal Klingon raiding missions should exist. But perhaps add raiding in the Psi V. sector block, or creating another block where Federation Players can go to a transport, contact it and gaurd it. This will put them in an instance (since interception in Sector Space seems nonsense in its current state) where they follow a freighter from one point of the map to another. There is always a chance no KDF shows up, which means no reward. On the other hand, KDF that attack a transport have a chance of being in a raid with no federation ships on patrol.

Overall though, the idea of having an objective other than kill or be kill seems to be ideal for this.