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Currently "The Order" is opening again enlisting for active and capable Starfleet Officers, if you feel ready for the task and you're devoted to preserve and defend the valors which the United Federation of Planets rappresents. Please feel free to contact our recruitment division.

Vice Admiral C.T. Jeunan
((Officers handles are: @Hitherow, @Roffhessa, @Sparrow240, @T-Lela and @T.Diamonds))

((The Order of Thirty is a Soft to Moderate roleplaying fleet and now also a Champion's Online supergroup (which is still being finalized and perhaps does not count for this announcement), after a bit of idleness we are again seeking for mature and active players who are wishing to join us.

Although the changes are still being finalized we do have an in-game channel, which will be used for IC activities while the fleet chat will stay OOC.

Our website is:
We do have a dedicated public VoIP service running Mumble.
And also a webchat which allows you to communicate with us in-game (although that could be subject to change as that will be our In-Character channel).

You can contact us either through our site, STO's forums, or in-game tells/mails))