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02-09-2011, 04:47 PM
obviously cosciousness is a byproduct of our brians being configured the way they are seeing as how conciousness can be interputed or even removed all together by strokes and or brain trauma and leave use a veggie or even more or less brain dead if not brain dead.

So imho consiousness is somewhat linked to the idea of a soul but not entirely, and to state this I do believe in souls. I think it is much more likely that souls are both part of and seperate from you, more like an external harddrive, so when the primary eventually fails the external disconects and moves on with the total culmination of lifes experiences and in essence takes over where the body failed. And in the process of teleportation when one is atomized and reconfigured in the exact state it was dematerialized in the soul just follows the info to the new point and reintigrates, if it would ever not be integrated, cuz who is to say souls if they exist are not anywhere and everywhere at the same time, seeing as how the afterlife could work on completely diffrent physics if it worked on any kind at all.