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02-09-2011, 11:00 PM
So basically, what you're suggesting is to have multiple players on a single ship accomplishing different tasks, and taking different roles, such as helm officer or tactical officer, of course someone would have to be the Captain to issue orders, just as you see in Star Trek basically? lol

Well this is exactly what I thought STO would offer about 2 years ago, but recently remember, well I say recently but it was probably a couple of months ago, anyway yeah I remember Daniel Stahl stating at some point that the reason that this didn't happen is because most if not all players want to be the Captain of their own ship and do things their own way. I'm pretty sure he was answering a question someone asked about why when we start the game, we don't start as an officer serving aboard a ship for a while before we start to command our own ship.

When I really think about it, considering the way in which STO is designed, I really can't see any way at all for this type of game play to be added at anytime in the next 2 years, but if you really love the idea, keep your fingers crossed and keep thinking of ways in which you think the developers could implement the idea into the game.

I personally love the idea of multiple players serving on a starship together, even love the idea of starting as a cadet in the academy, then moving on to do general routine tasks on a starship as a lieutenant under the command of another player, but at present in STO, there really is nothing that a player could do on another players starship interior to help them during combat, during a diplomacy mission or even to help fix a problem with the EPS relays, because they don't exist in game. No Jefferies tubes to crawl through, no lower decks to sit in and theorize about the unknown possibilities, no cargo bays for us to check to see if any Ferengi are trying to smuggle illegal goods aboard our ships, no shuttle bays for us to design our own shuttlecraft and the list goes on. lol