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02-10-2011, 12:56 AM
2cents; Teleporters are not replicators. Soul is a religious concept. Religion is a human creation. The closest thing to what one may have called Soul, any vulcan might logically declare (mind, vulcan is a human creation), would be consciousness..? Consciousness, in the 21st century of man, is both scientifically and philosophically being questioned; Like matter and non-matter, things made outof quarks and/or rather quark-fabrics made out of non-things we cannot yet confirm. (higgs, graviton) Logic may dictate that if, for one, neurons and socalled (highly debated) mirror neurons were transported(redefined momentum) as-is, the 'same' yet undefined non-things (like singular mesons composed of a quark and an anti-quark) 'should' be there aswell. Then again, one tiny distortion.. oops, better not fear for that.. 24th century shrinks may welcome teleporterfobia, no pun intended.. err :p There is no resolution as of yet.. we can not seem to agree on a definition of the undefined. Or can we.. in the future more may agree that stating anything absolute (outof your own (sub -and)conscious self (ie. fantasy, self fulfilling prophecy, paranoia)) is impossible.. As Einstein tickled; "Imagination is more important than knowledge".. Google for 'Athene's C = h f' as it may inspire for renewed theories. I'm curious what implications other trekkies may come up with. Cheers! :)