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02-10-2011, 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by CheCheNL
2cents; Teleporters are not replicators. Soul is a religious concept. Religion is a human creation. The closest thing to what one may have called Soul, any vulcan might logically declare (mind, vulcan is a human creation), would be consciousness..? Consciousness, in the 21st century of man, is both scientifically and philosophically being questioned; Like matter and non-matter, things made outof quarks and/or rather quark-fabrics made out of non-things we cannot yet confirm. (higgs, graviton) Logic may dictate that if, for one, neurons and socalled (highly debated) mirror neurons were transported(redefined momentum) as-is, the 'same' yet undefined non-things (like singular mesons composed of a quark and an anti-quark) 'should' be there aswell. Then again, one tiny distortion.. oops, better not fear for that.. 24th century shrinks may welcome teleporterfobia, no pun intended.. err :p There is no resolution as of yet.. we can not seem to agree on a definition of the undefined. Or can we.. in the future more may agree that stating anything absolute (outof your own (sub -and)conscious self (ie. fantasy, self fulfilling prophecy, paranoia)) is impossible.. As Einstein tickled; "Imagination is more important than knowledge".. Google for 'Athene's C = h f' as it may inspire for renewed theories. I'm curious what implications other trekkies may come up with. Cheers!
Hmmm, maybe if you split up the paragraphs......eyes bleeding........

Seriously tho.....I haven't seen this type of clarity in a long time....very correct you are sir yet only in the scientific sense.

Also consider that we can take a single skin cell, reprogram it, and we can make blood, organs, bone...etc etc just from a single skin cell.

So in essence a single cell of a human IS a whole...and thus if it can be reprogrammed to take on a different task than what was orginally set could consider that to beam yerself...all yer doing is reoganising said cells back to its orginal structure.

Very Lucid....Cheers right back at ya