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i see the feds get the delta flyer in the C-store.
(i picked up one on my feddie alt)

i also see the federation will get the "captains yaht" for the 400 day reward.
i also noticed the klingon players will recieve the gul-hod aux craft for their 400 day reward.

however there is no mention of a klingon version of the delta flyer!

it would be nice if the klingon could get their hands on a highly customizable shuttle craft.
it would also be nice if klingons got the same considerations as the feddies do in the c-store

i think it would be fair if the klingons got a craft that matched the delta flyer exactly, but with a different skin!
for the same price int he C-store as the delta flyer of course.


it would be even better if the klingon players got a more "klingon like" shuttle.

maybe a shuttle that can cloak, has a single universal bridge officer slot, and could possible equip a single dual cannon, and possibel a single rear weapon.

if anything... i think it would be the cloaking ability that would be most appreciated by klingon players... even if the shuttle would have to sacrafice some other aspect.

so in closing...

a klingon version of the Delta Flyer please!