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02-10-2011, 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by PrincessKatrina View Post
I am actually going to have to disagree a little bit here. Though in general I am for more KDF ships and KDF ship skins, there is something here we have to realize with the Delta shuttle. The shuttles and captain's yacht's are for all intents and purposes balanced to one another. They have their minor differences which is enough to seperate them far enough that they are not all the same ship. But they are close enough in balance that I would not say the Delta Flier is any better or worse then the Toron, Runabout, or Yacht's. The biggest differences would come from the captain's play style and skill, not in the ship itself.

Now that aside, -why- is the Delta Flier in the game? Simple, it was in the show. It was an iconic part of mid and later Voyager. It was a cool ship. That is precisely why we see the Vorcha, the Neghvar, the BoP, the Intrepid, the Galaxy, the Defiant, the Sov, etc, etc, etc. Iconic ships from Star Trek that people love to fly, the actual mechanics of the ships aside. They are a cosmetic benefit. And combined with my first point, that I believe the shuttles are well balanced, the Delta's -only- purpose is for the cool factor. The "Hey, I'm piloting the freakin Delta Flier!!" feeling is worth it to some people for them to spend 400 atari tokens.

Now, what iconic Klingon Shuttle/Fighter craft do you have in mind that you think we should have? ............No, go on, I'll wait here while you think.

From what I can find the only type of ship like that in Star Trek is the Toron class shuttle. The Dev's had to invent our variant of the Captain's Yacht.

So essentially the only reason the Delta exists in the game is cosmetic and iconic purposes. There is not KDF side ship that fits the same slot (iconic shuttle), so I do not think that because the Feds have the Delta we should have anything else added to the KDF.

Now if you want to make the argument "Wow, the Feds have 5 different shuttles, the KDF have 2, and this is including the Yacht's for both sides. The KDF need more." maybe you have a valid point there, I don't know. Frankly though I see the shuttles as an amusing diversion but not something that is truly worthy of taking Dev attention. If we are going to have them work on more KDF ship/ship skins, I'd rather it be for craft I'd actually use.

If I recall correctly, the Delta and that new Vulcan shuttle (both C-Store) have "2" BO slots to our 1 BO slot shuttles. That to me can make a pretty big difference when you're looking at just one skill to use. Even though the K'Toch class was a 1 man scout ship in the show, the Empire could have modified it to fit a small crew in the last few hundred years.