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02-10-2011, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by TrekTheStars
If I recall correctly, the Delta and that new Vulcan shuttle (both C-Store) have "2" BO slots to our 1 BO slot shuttles. That to me can make a pretty big difference when you're looking at just one skill to use. Even though the K'Toch class was a 1 man scout ship in the show, the Empire could have modified it to fit a small crew in the last few hundred years.
The Vulcan shuttle is a horse of a different color as far as I am concerned because it's bundled in with the D'Kyr Science ship. You have to spend either 1200 atari tokens or 500 marks of exploration/emblems for that. But yes, I do agree that as far as the ships that are currently in the game it is the most powerful shuttle. It has naturally Aux to SIF if I remember right as well as two Sci BO's. You could take HE and Sci Team 1, slap some Borg gear on it for the shield/hull heal and be practicly invincible next to any of the other shuttles. It has no shield penalty, and it has the highest hull. 6500 as opposed to 6000 on most of the other shuttles(Duj'hod, Toron, Captain's Yacht, Runabout). It's got 2 device slots which is tied with the Captain's Yacht and Duj'hod. Largest crew for any shuttle, whatever that's worth. In fact the only negative point about it at all is it has by far the lowest turn rate out of any shuttle. 15 deg/sec where as all the rest are 22-28. So yes, I'd say they're all balanced except for the D'Kyr support shuttle, which is better.....but it's not something that really bothers me.

As far as the extra BO slot of the Delta, that does add a -little- bit of customizability to it. But you have to remember it doesn't have a free BO power like most of the other shuttles. Toron=Jam Sensors, Runabout=Tractor Beam, and both 400 day Vet reward shuttles get EPtShields. So you could if you want use the Sci slot for a Tractor beam, and boom, it's a Runabout. Tractor Beam + Ensign BO slot. Now since you can do, say, HY Torp 1 and Hazard Emitters with the Delta, I do suppose you can say it's better than the others in it provides more customization than ships where you are locked into a power. But on matters this small I think it's splitting hairs.

Also the Delta's special ability is +10% shield capacity, but it also has 5500 hull points. And considering as I don't think you're going to get more than 5k shields on the Delta (Which would mean the sheild capacity increase would give you 500 more shields) I think that the lower hull and higher shield capacity even eachother out.

As far as the K'Toch, I suppose...But it'd feel more right to me if it was the KDF version of the Type-8, not the Delta.