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I was thinking today, strange I know.

The Federation has Diplomacy as it's "thing".

The Romulans are espionage experts.

The Klingons...they have nothing...but Honor...

So I was thinking, why not rename the Honor currency on the KDF side something else (KDF Merits, etc) and create an Honor system based on selections made in combat missions...

Have some awarded missions and change some explore missions so that you can choose to say, duel a rogue klingon (for Honor) to resolve the mission or just shoot him down (dishonor or negative honor) to resolve the mission.

Fight a group of people on a colony front on, or go poison their air purifiers nearby and let it debuff them before going in and beating them down.

Honor would garner you discounts at Klingon vendors and maybe a bonus to XP in the missions of this style as well as opening up some items for sale. Maybe at a high honor rank you can summon a member of Kahless' honor guard to assist you (like a ground Swordmaster) or activate a special holoprojector that Kahless gives you to create a temporary Kahless on the ground or ship in space (one time use but doesn't die til you zone or it's destroyed)

Dishonor would increase the cost of things on Qo'nos and other Klingon facilities but maybe allow you to buy expensive one time use items on say Drozana from a Ferengi weapons smuggler (Thalaron mine drone device for example doesn't die til destroyed or you zone) something excessively dishonorable in it's usage...