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02-10-2011, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by Dracounguis
Was just reading the post about fighting space battles from bridge, aka Bridge Commander, and thought what if in a STF there was a battle where the 5 players each controlled a subsystem of a ship and fought a battle that way. Tac player would command repel boarders action and run weapons. Eng would keep engine running and shields up, maybe pilot ship. Sci would run countermeasures and medical. It probably would not work out well, be boring, or be too much trouble to implement, but sounds cool.
I had written a great deal on the subject in pre-beta.

The end result is that we'd need a lot of mini-games and instances within the same instance (ie. Sickbay, Engineering and Bridge all affecting a ship flying in System space). Technologically it's a nightmare.