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02-10-2011, 04:01 PM
I have a similar idea that would utilize "honor" as a xp source. This is a very basic summery, but what I propose is that the unique thing for the KDF is the "Klingon House". Even if Orions, Nausicaans, and Gorn can't/don't have their own houses in the new restructured Empire, they could align with one.

Essentially the Diplomacy corps works like this for the Feds.
First layer
- Aid the Planet Missions
- Non-combat ground missions
- Non-combat space missions (or scan the vessels with combat).
Second layer
Same missions as above, but you are asked to go to X location.
Third layer
First contact missions (10 points for failure, 20 points for success)

Now there is room for improvement above, but this is the basic way it works and I don't see that changing, just being added to.

Klingon House system
First layer
- Aid the Planet with the Klingon spin. If you have not seen "APrivate Little War" read the synopsis. Basically we would be given them crates of weapons or other offensive materials in place of what the "helpful" materials the Feds give.

- Rebellion Defense
New Combat (space and ground) missions to squash rebellions in the Empire. Take the same combat missions we have now and make them about ending rebellions in parts of the Empire.

Third layer
Occupation mission
A non-combat mission that allows the officer to coerce the new species to join the Empire. Now hold your horses, I know, I know how in the world could a Klingon possibly do something without combat? But bear with me.... Actually watch this (2:25 to 6:50)

Now imagine if you will we are in the brig of my KDF ship and I interrogate 3 prisoners to find out information about this new species (rather than wine and dine three envoys like the Feds). I then use this information to make demands and threats towards the leaders of this new species. (failure results in 10 points, success 30)

Eventually I'd like to both failure and success options require more work and I'd like to see our positions in the Diplo Corps and Houses have more meaning in the game, possibly eventually tying into the end game of territory expansion/competition.