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02-10-2011, 04:11 PM
My Idea for house combat would fit into that honor system well. I have posted about it a few times, the jist of it, I'll repost right here..


I had made a couple posts ages ago for klingon combat for a house conflict system to counter the diplomatic system for feds.

It would involve 2 or more houses you could join and build rep with.
It would involve a series of possibly repeatable quests to build rep with different houses.
after a day or a week of doing these quests the house with the highest rep "wins" this could unlock the ability to purchase special house weapons, or crafting or trophies, little things like that. Make each house have unique things, so to collect everything you'll want to switch houses to do all the quests. An example is having one of the rewards unlock combat targs for 1 family that may specialize in training targs. After the quests finish for the week or more have them reset so you can join same or different houses again.

The quests can range from a variety of inter-family conflicts. Espionage, melee fights, ship combat, etc.
It would help expand the functionality of Qo'nos and the outdoor parts, as well as even Rura penthe, say you have to free one of your family from prison

There are boundless oppurtunites for this. This is kind of a recap, since my old posts with this were almost a year ago

---so that could be combined with the honor system your talking about...