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Originally Posted by PrincessKatrina View Post
The Vulcan shuttle [has the] Largest crew for any shuttle, whatever that's worth.
The Tal'Kyr Support Craft has a crew of *25*, which is far more than any shuttle. In fact, I would go so far as to that it is not intended to BE a shuttle, but a "support craft", as it says. With that large a crew, it probably has a deck layout, and multiple rooms, if not more than one deck. Keep in mind that the Defiant has a crew of 50.

It's probably classified in game terms as a shuttle for consistency with the others, but it's large enough that it could easily have two Bridge Officers and three console. It probably doesn't have more so as not to be imbalanced. And I'm sure the in game model will turn out to be much larger than a standard shuttle as well.

Also the Delta's special ability is +10% shield capacity, but it also has 5500 hull points. And considering as I don't think you're going to get more than 5k shields on the Delta (Which would mean the sheild capacity increase would give you 500 more shields) I think that the lower hull and higher shield capacity even eachother out.
The Type 8's "special" ability is -10% shield capacity. So no, I don't think that's a special ability as much as a balance to the ship's resiliance. The Runabout should be a little tougher, with the Captain's Yacht even tougher since IIRC it has EP to Shields. The Flyer is probably the equivalent of a fighter, since it is faster and more manueverable than the other Shuttles. It's just, you know, Federation types don't build warships and call them warships, they call them "Flyers" and "Escorts" and things like that.