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02-10-2011, 07:14 PM
This is not what people want.

The role of an entertainment company is not necessarily to give people what they want but to give them part of what they want, to give them what they dread, to shape and change what people want.

So far, Cryptic hasn't really made that last mark yet.

Romulans being split into Federation and Klingon factions is absolutely, decidedly NOT what people want. If Dan is serious about this and not just musing out loud or trolling the community, it becomes the responsibility of Cryptic to change what people want. That will require some heavy lore. That will require epic propaganda and epic action. That will require some real mojo.

If he's leaning that way, he'd better be prepared to lean hard and heavy, to get thick skin, and to set out for a storytelling miracle.

If he's going that route, he has my admiration whether he succeeds or not.

But one does not simply walk into Mordor. And this kind of thing can't look like, "Eh. We didn't have the budget to do it right." It has to look like, "This is the FUTURE. The work of the blood of martyrs and saints, the dream and the hope or not only Spock but a vision which has come to burn in the minds and hearts of Sela, Donatra, Tomalak and every true Romulan. This is where things BELONG. The only and greatest destiny of the Rihannsu is at the Federation's side and the Reman's only prayer is inside the KDF. It is the culimination, the realization, the only way things could be."

That will never sway everyone but I think he should be prepared to make that case and make it loudly... or give people what they're asking for and stop trolling the community. Either option is viable but I see little middle ground.