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Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Could be Q. Could be in her age, she's had a hologram made of her mother that she can argue with.

I meant emotionally reconnecting and that's why I could see it specifically steering Sela to "see the light" and accept the Federation.

I think the Romulans as part of the Federation would probably require a lot of lore to make it work. I can see where Nimoy signing off on it would lend credibility from one side but I can also see it maybe taking a martyr, a patron saint... and I think Sela -- being both troubled and one of the people most opposed to an idea like that -- would be the ideal martyr for reunification.

If she were to have a change of heart, come to grips with her dual parentage, and die for it, even as Spock basically identifies reunification as his life's work, his legacy, something he'd forever see his life's work as tarnished without, I think people could be made to accept it.

Whereas if it just kinda happens, transparently because the resources for a third faction are too sparse, players will rebel and the forums will be awash with green blood and venom.

They might anyway... But if Cryptic could present it as a scenario that was the culmination and last wish of every major Romulan from Tomalak to to Donatra to Sela -- and the embodiment of Spock's life's work, I think you'd see people get onboard more, who'd see the folding of Romulans into the Federation as not only natural but emotionally necessary for the sake of the story.
In my opinion the best way to do it is to expose the Remans as being the ones who destroyed the Hobus Star. I mean, they are already but have some kind of story element where the Romulans, realizing that the Remans destroyed their home planet, decide that Allying with the Federation would be the first step towards revenge.
The Remans, hating the Federation for exposing them AND allowing the Romulans to be allies, join with the Klingons as allies.

When I say ally I mean they are their own faction with ships, bases, ect... but when you see a Klingon, you don't shoot at him if you're Reman but you do if you're Romulan.
The difficulty will come with missions. You're basically setting up for 2 distinct mission sets for the same "faction" which will be in civil war so it'll really be two factions with the same art.

I know, confusing and not worth the time.

As for the Enterprise-C:
The Klingon Empire only knew that a Federation ship was lost defending a Klingon outpost from Romulans. They probably told the Federation. It was never mentioned if the ship's remains were found.

The only thing we know is that the Klingons who saw the fight died and Tasha Yar was captured. Romulans don't usually beam survivors off ships before blowing them up so it's likely that something else may have happened to the ship.

Originally Posted by cowboyhugbees View Post
I'm going to have to hire Dixon hill to figure out that last one.
No Dixon Hill Required.
With all the topics and the fact that a similar request has been on the forum since the day the forum was opened, if he hasn't thought about it, he's ignoring the threads. He's not so he has. He's probably trying to figure out how to do it without requiring a rework of the game engine and while he has many ideas on design concept, the technical concepts are... difficult.