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02-10-2011, 06:35 PM
Q: m.parsons: Can you tell us what discussions or plans there might be concerning when the Romulans become a playable faction what we can maybe expect?

A: The leads on the project discuss playable Romulans all the time. The biggest concerns that I've pointed out in previous interviews is that it would be very difficult to introduce a new Faction until we feel the Klingon Empire has an improved Faction experience. That said, we still discuss how and when we would introduce the Romulan faction. Obviously, with their homeworld destroyed, it would be interesting where they call "home". The latest Feature Episode series is starting to delve into their story and show just how fractured their people are at the moment. Perhaps the Romulan Empire will split into multiple factions where one will join the Federation and the other the Klingon Empire... That's an interesting idea.
This is also taken from the latest round of questions and answers.

It appears that additional factions are not going to be in any time soon. Even if you started working on them today it would be what 6 months plus and as we have seen with Klingons maybe longer. With that in mind and very much against the views of people that don't want a half baked faction will we see Romulans and Cardassians as playable in the game as purchasable officers for the federation and klingon empire as stop gaps till one day their own factions come in.

As someone very very keen to play a Cardassian I would much prefer their own faction but lets face it as much as I want to see this I know when something is a long way off. As such rather than give another costume for off duty officer or another selection of uniform parts so my Federation officer can choose from even more out fits is there any chance that this can be added. Playable Romulan and Cardassian Characters so you don't have to stick Alien with a little bit of art work just to sure up the things that aren't completely right in the alien section.