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02-10-2011, 06:47 PM
I would support the idea of breaking up ground and space skills, but I would be very much against restricting ships to professions. One of the draws that STO has is the ability to play whatever profession you like and then fly whatever ship you like. I believe restricting that until the Admiral rank would be a bad move. That would force people to fly a style of ship they do not like, and do not have fun flying, until the "endgame". That is one mistake some other MMOs make: a game should be fun from the moment you log in for the first time, not once you reach the end.

There is one area where ship restrictions would work. With CO going F2P there have been some concerns on whether STO would follow suit. Now, IF STO were to ever go F2P, ship restriction would be something I would expect for F2P players. In other words, a F2P Tactical Captain could only fly escorts, but a P2P Tactical Captain could fly any ship they desire, just as they can now. It's similar to how F2P CO players have their powers locked in, but P2P CO players can choose whatever they like.
I agreed with this, i like playing STO but i dont have much time as others to level up. i really enjoy being able to have a ship that i want to fly as well as being able to change its class as i go up with level. it also gives me the freedom to have different characthers with a specific ship class to play with. if anything what i think that should be done is offer more ships specially by c-store that are not restricted to the high levels. the last time we had a ship that was available for everyone to have without rank restrictions via c-store was the classic enterprise.