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02-10-2011, 06:48 PM
I fail to see how any faction of Romulans can be sympathetic to the KDF. The Klingons invaded the Romulan Empire a minute after Romulus was destroyed, they fell on them like vultures. The fact that they basically hate everything about the other wouldn´t help with that either.

The Remans on the other hand would probably work with the Klingons, unfortunately the Klingons wouldn´t bother using them in much the same way the Romulans did, as cannon fodder and slaves.

The Federation wouldn´t want the Remans, at least not in light of everything they have done recently.

The Federation would possibly accept Romulans that are part of the more peaceful faction, that actively seeks to better relationships between them. But for that to happen they would have to be official allies of the Federations if not even a Member.