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Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
As for the Enterprise-C:
The Klingon Empire only knew that a Federation ship was lost defending a Klingon outpost from Romulans. They probably told the Federation. It was never mentioned if the ship's remains were found.

The only thing we know is that the Klingons who saw the fight died and Tasha Yar was captured. Romulans don't usually beam survivors off ships before blowing them up so it's likely that something else may have happened to the ship.
I don't think it was ever stated if there were survivors on the Klingon Outpost or not, maybe there were. I'm thinking the Ent-C surprised the Romulans at first and Manages to Damage them enough before being captured that they didn't finish off the Klingon Outpost so there were Maybe Klingon witnesses.