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02-10-2011, 07:03 PM
Originally Posted by February Ask Cryptic
Q: Case_Wintermute: Will there ever be a revamp of the skill system regarding ship skills? Specially for Vice Admirals there are just too many specific ship skills. What if someone wants to fly more than one type of ship or even shipclass? It just costs too much points to fly 2 or 3 or more ships effectively.

A: We are discussing both simple and radical changes that could be made to the skillpoint system, and we are still deliberating on exactly how we want to resolve the issue you point out. One popular idea is to break up skillpoints between ground and space so that you don't have to decide which region to focus on. Another radical idea is to restrict the ship classes you can fly to your captain's class until later levels. This would mean that if your captain was a Tactical officer, she could only fly escorts up until admiral ranks. This along with a restructuring of the space skillpoint tree could lead to some clearer skillpoint choices later on in ranks. Just an idea, nothing confirmed yet. I'm interested what you all would think of this.
Ugg.. I don't like it and I think you'll get massive push back if you announce that players are now forced into certain ship classes until Rear Admiral. Yep... I see big complaint threads about this if you adopt the idea.

You should focus on skill point allocation and training costs instead of taking away choices that players enjoy having.

Originally Posted by February Ask Cryptic
Q: Wolfpack-NZ: For those of us that have pet Targs or Sehlat cubs, are there discussions in the works to improve them into more than aesthetic?

A: Our lead designer is smiling with glee at this question. Yes. He is working on a Targ breeding game that *may* eventually allow you to have Targs as members of your away team. No promises though. Who knows, maybe he'll come in on the weekend and finish this.
Awesome! Can't wait for this! And it's my opinion that "Combat Pets" should be unique to the KDF. Use it as a feature to attract more players to the Klingon Faction.

I'm sure the Federation has animal rights legislation that prevents them from using sehlats in combat. Please remember this when fed players cry about not having combat pets.

And please.... UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES make "Attack Tribbles"! OMG the ridiculousness! (well, maybe only for an event or something fun.)

Originally Posted by February Ask Cryptic
Q: Voyager235: Any chance we'll see more rooms added to ship interiors?

A: Yes. Some rooms that were on our schedule that didn't make the initial release for ship interiors included a Holodeck, Botanical Garden, and Shuttlebay. I'm really excited about getting Shuttlebays into the interiors.
I think I saw this asked before but... Any chance that we'll be able to launch our shuttle from the shuttle bay instead of a starbase? (Launch cut-scenes would be pure win too!)

Originally Posted by February Ask Cryptic
Q: Malvegil: What's the chance of adding a Transwarp skill to go to Memory Alpha?

A: I've got one better for you. How about we put a crafting station on your ship so that you rarely need to go to Memory Alpha? That seems like a direction we may be headed very soon.
Sounds awesome but makes me cautious at the same time. I know you want players to gather at social zones to do things. So does that mean using a crafting station on our ship will cost <something> and using Memory Alpha will remain free?

Originally Posted by February Ask Cryptic
Q: scharms13: Have you thought about allowing players to "pilot" the ship from their bridge, or see the star field move outside the windows when warping to other star systems?

A: More than you can possibly imagine. Doesn't mean we'll do it though. One of my favorite questions of all time
When I read the "doesn't mean we'll do it" part I thought of Khan abandoning Kirk on that planet... *angry fist!!* DAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though... Admiral Janeway says less thinking about it. Just "Do it"!