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02-10-2011, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by Case_Wintermute
Wow my question was answered... but uh... you should not restrict the ship class to your captains class until admiral. maybe just merge some ships here and there or better make no difference between classes anymore. you can command a ship, don't bother what type it is. the class defines what the ship can do, not how good you can command it. something like that... maybe

(It feels good to get noticed, really )
I agree. I myself enjoyed experimenting with different ship/captain types, and I think this should stay in for lower level captains. Special mission arcs or tasks would be cool, but restricting ships is too tied into your gameplay and character to limit in my opinion. Picard could have gone into science ("tapestry", but also his archaological fascinations), but he was always a cruiser captain. That said, I love the different tactics available in the new Romulan mission to different classes. Even if something like this worked better if you're in your class ship, it doesn't limit your ship choice and character customization.