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02-10-2011, 08:06 PM
Hey iam all for the rivera tribble being accessed by klingons. The motion to me has that all items would be open to everyone. The devs decided to allow feds access to the targ (through the aniversary)... so lets make it perminant. Some of the people here who have mentioned it to be kept "rare" have posted for items to be unlocked that were preorders... so why the change in tone>>>>???? Fair is fair, and if feds are running around with targs now.. whats the harm in allowing the change on those who purchased the item from cstore.. i see none.. i do see more people who missed out on being able to have a new item for there feds..

Go figure a klingon being nice and asking for a klingon only item to be given to feds... the irony...

Common devs, fair is fair!!!