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02-10-2011, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by cocoa-jin View Post
Please leave the Targs for the KDF Klingons...just please. Damn the tribbles, damn that cat thing, leave em for the Feds...maybe KDF aliens...but the Targ is text book Klingon...just leave it for them please.

Let it be a much needed boost to racial traits for the Klingon species...Targ handling. It might be an incentive for the Klingon Empire to be comprised of more frickin' Klingons!
well they were looted by feds so now there all over esd.. just seen 5 people haven targs.. its abit late now to have them just klingon.. (ps i play klingon alot..iam sure you seen my posts )

but whats done is done and I think its fair now to just allow it to be adjusted so everyone may have them... and again there is no set rule only klingons can have them. Iam sure there are animal "hunters" that seek out "pets" for people/citizens of starfleet.