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Originally Posted by sabredruid View Post
There's plenty of variety of ships and weapons for Romulans, Cardassians, and even Ferengi to have their own factions. Might be pushing it beyond them though.
There are fewer canon Romulans ship classes (Romulan BoP: 2 types, D'deridex, D7 which they got from the KDF, Romulan Science ship, Romulan Scout ship, Valdore type, and Scimitar) than there are canon Klingon ship classes (BoP: K'vort, B'rel and D12, D5, D7, K't'inga, Negh'Var there are at least three variants of this ship, Raptor, Vor'Cha) and yet they had trouble filling out a full 5 tiers of ships for the KDF. The Cardassians have 3 canon warship types the Hideki, Keldon and Galor plus a handful of transport/freighter ships.

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