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02-11-2011, 04:16 AM
The thalaron weapon is only lethal if you sit in it, best solution is to GTFO. It's not as bad as a Breen cryo grenade - the damage is comparable or higher, but you don't get stuck in it. You can also target it before it starts killing you, after the first one cleaned my clock I've been able to take out most of them out before they even get going.

Tractor mines: Don't destroy the mines. Polarize hull or AP:O like you're dealing with breen frigates and burn the escort.

On the other hand, the Warbird's heavy torpedo chain bugs me - they took something very similar away from the Undine a while back as I remember. Reman knockback is just all around ridiculous.

Re: The smarter not deadlier comment, that's been the holy grail of game design for over twenty years and has still only resulted in easily mastered games. When you turn the difficulty on any game up high enough, expect patent ********. It's not much different than tripple blue shell or "Now I know that barracks just built a battlecruiser."