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Born in Norway, and after being rejected two years in a row from Star Fleet Academy for falling to pass the entrance exam. He joined Starfleet as a crewmen, and after a couple of short assignments on different ships and stations as a security officer. He was assigned to the USS Tiburon under the command of the highly respected Captain Andersen.

At this position he showed great understanding and interest for engineering. And rose quickly within the enlisted ranks as an engineer, for usually coming up with untraditional and occasionally crazy solution to different problems.

Under an away mission to a new colony on the edges of Federation space. The Tiburon was called away on a distress call and had to leave the away team behind. Shortly after, the colony was attacked by Nausicaan pirates.

Most of his team members, including the First Officer, had been killed or incapacitated in the initial assault. He had also been hit im self several times by disruptor fire, and was seriously wounded. He found himself heavily outmanned and outgunned, without any possibility for help from his ship. He had no other alternative but to take command him self and fight back to survive. By using some intuitive tactics and engineering skills, he managed to hold back the attacking Nausicaan pirates with help of the colonists and surviving team members. The Tiburon returned to the colony shortly thereafter, and managed to repel the pirates.

He spent a month recovering at a Federation medical facility, before returning to the Tiburon. Where he was given a field promotion to Ensign and awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for his effort.

Due to the pressing need for more captains, as well as repeated requests and recommendations from Captain Andersen, he was finally assigned to Earth Spacedock by Admiral Quinn for evaluation.

After showing great potential during the Borg incident, he was promoted to Lieutenant and was given the command of the USS Fridtjof Nansen